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The Ownwell® method developed by Green Berry Oy removes the chemicals from professional cleaning and simplifies the cleaning process at e.g. day-care centres, educational institutes, restaurants and hotels. When using the Ownwell® method to clean, the chemicals are replaced with one safe solution, which contains purified water and probiotics. The Finnish innovation combines safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency in a unique manner. The Ownwell® method is proven to facilitate and make the everyday life of professionals more efficient. The installation of the equipment, familiarisation in the method and its introduction are extremely easy to implement!

Professionals’ opinions – Testimonials

From the perspective of wellbeing and health, the kitchen is certainly one of the most important areas to clean. The surfaces are used to prepare food and raw ingredients, so they must be free of any harmful bacteria. The chefs at Restaurant Henricus initially doubted the functionality of the Ownwell® method, but after a short period of use they were showered with praises and the method was introduced.

Watch the testimonial videos from chefs and other professionals in the cleaning sector.


Restaurant manager:

Cleaners’ comments:

Responsibility made easy

Good will is not enough to build a sustainable future; concrete procedures are required. The Ownwell® method is a chemical-free cleaning process which is easy to implement and makes cleaning simpler. Naturally obtained cleanliness and freshness form a comprehensive act of wellbeing which affects the wellbeing of people and the environment.

The key benefits of the chemical-free Ownwell® method from different perspectives are:

Environment: no chemical residues, no plastic containers, significant reduction of logistics

Property: no surface damage of materials, no textile carpets ruined by chemicals, no chemical storage

Customers: no chemicals on surfaces or in inhaled air, reduction of disease-causing bacteria

Professionals: no chemical exposure, simplified cleaning process, no administrative work related to chemicals

Financial benefits:

  • The introduction and familiarisation of the method is quick
  • The introduction of the method only requires a short period of the customer’s time
  • The cleaning process is simplified, and part of the cleaning work is quicker
  • Cleaners are healthier and there are fewer sick leaves

Tested efficiency

Our mission is to develop methods that are based on scientific research for the purpose of safe cleaning. We want to reduce the bacterial and chemical exposure of professionals and customers in the cleaning and catering sectors. The Ownwell® method forms a partnership between cleanliness, nature and science. The safe Ownwell® method is extremely efficient while also being easy to use.

About the introduction of the method:


After just two months from the introduction of the Ownwell® method, the number of staphylococci bacteria at tested sites reduced by 73%, and the number of coliform bacteria reduced by up to 90%.


Unsusual superpowers present – Superheroes of cleanliness

The effortlessness and efficiency of the Ownwell® method makes professionals of the cleaning sector superheroes of cleanliness. Superheroes of cleanliness utilise the incomparable intelligence of the nature and the power of probiotics in their work. They carry out work that is unbelievably valuable. When we stop and think, we realise that a major part of the functionality of everyday life is based on cleanliness. Without the superheroes of cleanliness, our everyday life would not function. The superheroes of cleanliness change the world one cleaning job at a time, and they leave a clean slate for future generations too.

Ownwell® method

The Ownwell® cleaning method, which supports environmental friendliness and wellbeing, is a responsible choice for implementing cleanliness. The method is based on a Finnish innovation for which there is a patent pending. In the method, mains water is purified and optimised to be suitable for cleaning purposes. Safe cleaning capsules are added to the purified water. The capsules contain probiotics, which break down debris with the help of enzymes and reduce disease-causing bacteria. One of the significant strengths of the method is diversity; it is suitable for various cleaning methods, including the washing of cleaning textiles.

Operating model

1. Kick-off meeting

The installation site and date for the system is decided during the kick-off meeting, and the date of the users’ orientation and possible press conference is agreed. During the kick-off meeting, the customer is provided the contact details of Ownwell’s customer service as well as the details of the expert appointed to the site.

2. Installation of the system

The system is installed by an installation company approved by Green Berry Oy in accordance with the guidelines of our experts.

3. Orientation of users & information 

The users shall undergo orientation in a two-hour-long training organised by our experts. The users are provided the contact details of our experts in case of any problem situations.

4. Support & maintenance of the system

Our expert phone number is available for customers in case of any problem situations. We ensure the regular maintenance services and system updates of the system.

5. Indicators and making cooperation more efficient

We shall organise a monitoring meeting three months after the introduction of the system. During the monitoring meeting, the following points are reviewed: the objectives achieved with the method, user feedback, possible problem situations and any opportunities to develop cooperation.


Mikko Haapsaari


CTO, Cleaning Technician